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First, Thank You, so much for showing interest in the Sorority Pups. Our Sorority is seeking young ladies who are interested in doing something more with their lives. No experience necessary.  You must be 18yrs or older to apply, I.D. is required.  Ladies you may apply for any of our programs. Men are welcome to apply but only as guest.  Transgender, you are very welcomed to apply for any of the programs. You must be willing to shoot partially nude to completely nude being optional to apply for any of the programs.


Acting, Print Modeling, Party Host, Promotional Modeling, Video Appearances, Pro Photo Shoots, Movie Part, Web Cam Shows, Public Appearances, and Charity Events are just a few things we do in our Sorority.





















What are the different Pup Programs?


You do not have to be an Adult Entertainer to become a Pup, but all applicants should be willing to shoot partially nude to completely nude being optional. 


We have three different Programs you can apply for, Official Sorority Pups, Part Time Pups, and Guest Pups.


Official Sorority Pups: They are a group of ladies that are the face of the Sorority Pups, they have more benefits and more opportunities presented to them. They are the only Pups under Contract.


-All Expenses Paid           -Housing                   -Insurance              -Domestic Traveling          

-International Traveling   -Reality Show           -Top Paid Gigs       -Classes

-Challenges                      -Personal Website    -Paid Vacations     -Pro Hair

-Pro Make-Up                   -Full Wardrobe          -Free Sponsor Goodies 

-Sorority Uniforms            -Sorority Duffle Bag filled with Sorority Goodies

 -And Much More


Part Time Pups: These are the models that only have interest in one or two fields we offer and are only interested in us booking their gigs.  Sorority Events will be optional to PT Pups.


-Paid Gigs                       -Sorority Photo Shoot                  -Pro Hair/Make-Up


Guest Pups:  Are Men participating in Sorority Gigs/Events and Popular/Celebrity Talent participating in Sorority Gigs/Event.  They make one time or sporadic appearances.


-Paid to Appear              -Reality Show           -Sorority Photo Shoot            -Sorority Video Shoot

-Pro Hair/Make-Up          -All Expenses Paid   -Sorority Duffle Bag filled with Sorority Goodies

-And Much More


How do I become a Pup?


Unless you are a Popular/Celebrity Guest, you have to apply and audition. Our Auditions are in Atlanta every second and forth Saturday every month unless we are touring and in that case dates will be posted.  If you can not make it to a Casting Call please fill out the Model Application.  If you are in or near Atlanta please fill out the Casting Form and come see us in person. 


What are The Sorority Pups?


The Sorority Pups are a group of young ladies who have band together to make a difference in their lives as well as others, in more than a sexy way.  Our Sorority focuses on the futures of our ladies (pups), we provide them with a chance to be successful in life while having an awesome time doing it. Our Sorority believes that everyone should live their dreams and we are here to show our ladies (pups) the way. This group of women were brought together to share thier beauty and talents with the world, as well as inspire others.


Official Sorority Pups focus on their goals, while enduring different experiences prepping them for what lies ahead.  We provide paid gigs, we travel the world, and we have different classes, a reality show, a sorority house, all type of free goodies from our sponsors, as well a variety of different sorority outfits and so much more.  We know that some ladies want to participate in our Sorority, but do not have as much time to dedicate to the Official Sorority Pup program, so we have designed a Guest Pup Program and a PT Pup Program.

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